Legionnaires’ Disease - Awareness & Education Begin Here

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About Legionnaires’

people die from water-related diseases globally each year
0 M
of those who contract Legionnaires’ pass away
0 %
of cases are sporadic and not associated with a cluster or outbreak of cases
0 %
cases of Legionnaires’ disease are reported annually in the US

How to Prevent Legionnaires’ Disease

Stop legionella bacteria from entering the public water supply

Replace aging public water infrastructure systems to reduce microbial risks

Invest in research to better understand and prevent all cases of Legionnaires’ disease.


Creating Lasting Impact

Donations play a vital role in advancing the mission of Prevent Legionnaires’. These contributions enable the organization to fund critical research, raise public awareness, and implement proactive measures to combat the spread of legionella bacteria. Every dollar donated directly contributes to the prevention of Legionnaires' disease and the protection of public health, making a tangible and meaningful difference in the fight against this severe pneumonia.

Voice of the Victims

My husband contracted Legionnaires’.  It was so severe that he almost did not make it.  He is permanently disabled…from the Legionnaires’. There appears to be no relief despite multiple treatment modalities.  His symptoms remain with periods of exacerbations.


I was in coma for a month with Legionnaires'... from what I was told would take a couple weeks to get under control. Hang in there, but if have any questions about what’s going on, if I can, I will help... I don’t remember, but all my family does.


My husband was a patient in a local hospital for treatment of a platelet disorder and developed Legionnaires’ disease. He spent a total of about 50 days in the hospital during a three month period.