Prevent Legionnaires' & APLD Impact

The Impact of Prevent Legionnaires' and APLD

Efforts to prevent Legionnaires’ disease, a severe form of pneumonia caused by legionella bacteria, focus on comprehensive water management programs. Research in this area explores optimizing disinfection techniques and improving water treatment protocols Advanced molecular techniques like PCR and metagenomics are also employed to better understand the pathogen’s ecology. 

Call To Action

It is crucial for state and local health departments to strictly follow the comprehensive protocols established by the CDC when investigating the source of any Legionnaires’ disease case.

Voice of the Victims

I went to sleep on May 4, hardly able to breathe. That’s pretty much all I remember until I woke up on June 3rd. My wife advised me I was on life support for almost a month and it looked very grim at times. This disease almost killed me.


I had LD in 1997: Unconscious, fever 107°F, several days on a cooling blanket, 56 days in coma, 71 days in hospital, had to learn to walk again. My neurological system is severely damaged. I am unable to work. I am fighting Social Security for disability benefits. HELP.


I am an RN and was caught by surprise nonetheless. My temperature was 104°F and I finally went to the doctor. On the third night, I could feel my lungs collapsing and we called an ambulance. I could no longer walk. I will never forget the suffering of both me and my family.


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