July Monthly Newsletter

In The News

The northeast Minnesota city of Grand Rapids took a major step this week to combat an outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease traced to the city’s water supply. 

On Monday, Grand Rapids began permanently chlorinating its water. City officials hope the action will curb the perplexing outbreak, which started more than a year ago and has sickened nearly two dozen people.

Efficacy of chlorine-based disinfectants to control Legionella within premise plumbing systems.

Education Essentials

Save the date for the Water System Health Summit on December 5th, 2024 in Washington DC!

NJ bill A1970/S2188 requires DEP, DOH, owners or operators of certain public community water systems, and owners or operators of certain buildings or facilities to take certain actions to prevent and control cases of Legionnaires’ disease. This bill has been approved by both the Senate and the Assembly and is awaiting the Governor’s signature.